• Our commitments

    Our commitments

    Giving first priority to customers, the Ajinomoto Group offers safe products and services of the highest quality with the aim to improve the lifestyles of people around the world.

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Global sustainability and social responsibility

The Ajinomoto Group works to benefit all life (hence our slogan "Work for Life") and contributes to the realization of sustainable society. We conduct our business activities and grow together with society, while aiming to sustain the interrelationships between the functioning of unique and diverse forms of life in each region on Earth, and to ensure that all people, including future generations, are able to enjoy a better life in a healthy global environment.

Through the “Work for Life” initiative, the Ajinomoto Group aims at preserving the Nature’s treasures and offering products and services that contribute to the lives of people, and to life on Earth, by preserving and nurturing food sustainability and ecosystems, aiming for the transformation of modern society into a low-carbon, resource-recycling society in harmony with nature.

Quality Policies

We contribute to a better life for all throughout the world by providing safe and high-quality products and services.


We pay full attention to the request of our customers, and provide products and services meeting with their satisfaction.

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We make no compromises with regard to safety, conducting surveys and research as thoroughly as possible, faithfully complying with applicable laws and regulations, and always delivering products and services of uniform quality.

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Under the leadership of our management, each one of our company's employees makes the greatest effort to provide safe and high-quality products and services through work at all levels, from research and development to production, distribution, sales and services.

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We actively provide information to our customers and continue to improve our trustworthiness.


We assure quality through the Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance (ASQUA), based on the concepts outlined in the international ISO standard.

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The Ajinomoto Group, based on the Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance (ASQUA), listens directly to customer opinions and requests. It uses customer feedback to improve products, services, and business activities, constantly making effort to further raise customer satisfaction.

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